Research has been the backbone of our business since our establishment in 2005. With the aim of making a difference, William Paulstern focuses the entire range of its research capabilities and drive for innovation on the international investment environment and the global markets.

William Paulstern’s diverse team of international analysts work daily to connect contrasting pieces of information with the aim of identifying multiple separate insights that influence better investment outcomes.


We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of specific asset classes, businesses and governing bodies as well as security framework.


Comprehending the forces that stimulate international financial trends and determine a country’s fundamental position.


We develop instruments that efficiently increase prediction accuracy, design improved solutions and manage complex asset planning difficulties.


Likewise, we develop instruments that enable us to examine risks, predict returns on securities and create improved portfolios.

Our research endeavors encompass the views of various expert analysts, ranging in specialization from fundamental and economic to quantitative analysis, with a similar interest and aim of producing improved investment solutions and outcomes for the benefit of our clients:

Focus Areas

• Fundamental

• Economic

• Quantitative

• Multi-Asset