William Paulstern’s investment strategies employ the full range our skills and know-how to design customized portfolios that are constructed in order to achieve the goals that are important to you.

Our team of multi-asset experts is focused on developing and managing diversified investment portfolios, working in tandem with our committed investment teams specialized in specific asset classes. Likewise we specialize in active asset allocation, dynamically positioning portfolios to take advantage of the opportunities presented by each market cycle.


Our approach is based on utilizing informed portfolio building methods, styles and experience, designed in such a manner to produce exceptional investment results within adjustable risk parameters.

Course of action

We harness internal as well as external resources to design a relevant portfolio, with the ability to customize our analysis and implementation to your goals and/or risk profile. For result-focused portfolios we use strong diversification, risk adjustment and active allocation. Our attention towards risk management has the purpose of constructing more solid portfolios and produce increased returns in low volatility conditions.


In order to create customized portfolio solutions we employ a diverse range of experts in the fields of asset allocation, capital security, risk management and portfolio optimization.



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