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William Paulstern is a sovereign leading investment and asset management firm with a strong heritage in equities and professional expertise in mutual funds, fixed income and multi-asset solutions. Our knowledge, competence and authority across multiple asset classes not only that offers valuable insights into the dynamically shifting markets of today, but it is a clear indication that we are also skilled in developing attractive and risk adjusted investment solutions towards the benefit of our clients.

Superior investment results are what we deliver

Since our beginning in 2005, our dedication to delivering superior investment results on behalf of our clients is central to all of the activities and the investments that we perform.

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With a cumulative experience of more than 10 years in managing our investors’ assets we have learned that what matters the most is building a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients and winning their trust by out-delivering on their expected outcomes. We consider that the most fruitful investment opportunities arise once we completely comprehend our clients’ needs – this philosophy is the main factor that has driven and continues to drive our distinguished investment performance.

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At William Paulstern we believe in specialist investment teams congregating to uncover the most valuable insights and opportunities for our broad range of private and institutional clients. With our focus directed towards delivering more than what is expected of us, William Paulstern’s story is more about the success of our clients rather than that of our own.


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